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Hi guys! I do mostly poses, but you can also find here accessories and objects in addition to sets, sims and paintings.
I hope you enjoy my work and it will be useful for you.
For any questions or orders, please contact the guest book, or through the contact form at the end of the blog.
CREDITS: If you are using my works in your site, please, give a direct link on my blog.


Simply falling Posepack

Hi, guys! Lazy is very busy now, and she can't to make the illustrations, so I tried to do it myself :) 
I hope you like it!

All additional objects and accessories for the set are in the archive!

- Cup of coffee
- Newspaper
- Car with open door
- Blanket and pillow

I use all sims from Marusechka. Thank you!

16 комментариев:

  1. As perfect as always! I can't get enough of your work :) thank you for sharing!

    1. And thank you, dear! *_* Your comments are always makes us very-very happy :-***

  2. I think your pictures look lovely. :) Thank you for the beautiful poses!

  3. this is so very wonderful!!

    I'll have to have a female character in my story just to be happy to apply these poses...

    thank you for sharing your beautiful creation!!

    1. Oh, I'm very, very glad that you liked so much our poses! *_* Thank you very much for the nice words! =)))))

  4. Oh WOW!! you are the best pose maker EVER!!!! ^-^ Love your poses <3

  5. Was wondering if you could help me? I download the posebox and I installed everything but I can't find the pillow and blanket in the game. Where is it? Is it under decor, under miscellaneous? Thanks!

    1. They are in the category Beds))) search for price - pillow 500$, blanket 1000$

  6. Thanks! I found it using your collection folder. So useful! Love the poses!