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Hi guys! I do mostly poses, but you can also find here accessories and objects in addition to sets, sims and paintings.
I hope you enjoy my work and it will be useful for you.
For any questions or orders, please contact the guest book, or through the contact form at the end of the blog.
CREDITS: If you are using my works in your site, please, give a direct link on my blog.


Feel so free Posepack

Guys, Lazy left us, so now images will not be so cool. I hope for your understanding. In the end, the main is poses, not the pictures, isn't it?))))

Highly recommended download beautiful teeth for a beautiful smile here

4 комментария:

  1. Perfect poses as always! Thank you for sharing. I also LOVE the new banner! Very beautiful and clever.

    1. Thank you so much, darling! :-**
      I'm very glad that you like the new look)))

  2. I think your images are fantastic! :D Thanks for the awesome poses. <3