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Hi guys! I do mostly poses, but you can also find here accessories and objects in addition to sets, sims and paintings.
I hope you enjoy my work and it will be useful for you.
For any questions or orders, please contact the guest book, or through the contact form at the end of the blog.
CREDITS: If you are using my works in your site, please, give a direct link on my blog.


Mini set

My dear friends! Now Lazy, who creates amazing presentations for my poses, has a little vacation because she will have exam soon. So, I want to share with you these posespack without her magic screenshorts. But I hope that they will be still useful ;-)

Sooo... Here's a hot embraces and kisses ;-)

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  1. It's so strange. The post not working for you? I've seen this pop up three times on my dashboard but each of those posts were deleted or something? Anyway glad I can see them finally :) Love them as always and thank you!

    1. Oh my God, i do not know much html, so about an hour was tormented with the "spoiler" :'(((((((
      I feel like a fool :'(((((
      But finally I was able to post a message, and thank you very much for your kind words, you are always comment our blog, it is so pleasant! Thank you! :-*

  2. Really nice poses,
    I especially like the first couple <3
    Thank you!

  3. OMG I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THESE FOREVER! anyways thank you for creating such adorable poses.