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Hi guys! I do mostly poses, but you can also find here accessories and objects in addition to sets, sims and paintings.
I hope you enjoy my work and it will be useful for you.
For any questions or orders, please contact the guest book, or through the contact form at the end of the blog.
CREDITS: If you are using my works in your site, please, give a direct link on my blog.


A little more art

I want to show you advertisements made ​​for our with MrLazy set of poses "Metro posepack", set of objects 
from Severinka and sims from Marusechka.
And, of course, share a link to a wonderful journal of our forum The Sims 3 in Russia.

Click on the picture to view it in full size.

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  1. Ответы
    1. :-Р Едрить кто в гости пришел xDDD

  2. I love the second photo. Very dramatic and can be either very creepy or very sexy.

    1. Art conceived as creepy ;-))) In contrast - travel on the subway comfortable, but not safe xD